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Interesting Text Messaging

Daughter: What’s the name of the book you were telling me about when I was visiting? Mother: Not sure which one you’re talking about  – I usually have a few […]


Good Intentions, Bad Results

Chris and I learned a very important lesson this morning – don’t upset the neighbourhood apple cart. We were up and out of the house by 7:00 a.m. and heading […]


Old But Treasured Words and Sayings

When I started tutoring one of my students and I picked him up in our old car, he had absolutely no idea how to roll down the window – he […]


Happy B’Day, Mom!

Hey, it’s Phoenix again! I haven’t posted much recently but it’s my mom’s birthday today so I thought it would be a good day to blog and hang out with […]


Trapped…But Not For Long!

A friend drove me home this morning, only to find that we couldn’t cross the tracks because a train was blocking the way. I wasn’t sure how long it was […]


The Take Home From Mark 10: 13-16

Yesterday morning, our pastor reminded our congregation of the bizarre last-minute envelope flub in this year’s Academy Awards. Faye Dunaway had announced the odds-on favourite, La La Land, as best picture […]


Getting Older

Thank you for this beautiful thought, Natalie.  It’s true. I do love getting older – for all the above reasons . . . and so much more. I see life […]

Reblogging…Because It’s Good Stuff

Just forwarding a beautifully written blog by one of our pastors, regarding last Sunday’s sermon. MARCH 9, 2017 BY KONNIE VISSERS Accepting Blessing By Andrew Allison and Konnie Vissers We live in […]



On the weekend, I read some books and listened to some CD’s about public speaking – World Champion public speakers offered their valuable input from their years of experience and […]

Tutoring Talk

Great conversation during tutoring last week. _____________________________ Diane: So, what would you like for a snack today? Student: Maybe Oreo cookies today, please.  Diane: Really? You haven’t wanted Oreo cookies […]


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