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But . . .

I would love to write a book entitled,  “I Sit More Comfortably on the Right Side of My ‘But.’ 

Let me explain. Look at these made-up statements:

“I want to forgive (someone’s name) BUT she hurt me so badly.”

“I want to start my own business consulting business BUT I’m afraid that I won’t be  successful.    

“I want to become less anxious BUT there are so many unknowns in my life.”

“I want to believe in God BUT the I think the Bible is just a bunch of silly stories.”

“I want to be a better mother BUT I need to work long hours so I can provide for my family. 

You get the point, right?

I know many women who desire more in their lives (as communicated by the words on the left side of their statements) but have believed lies (as communicated by the words on the right side of their statements)

…and when I say “women”, that includes me. For example, I have said in the past, “I’ve longed to be loved by a father BUT I was told when I was younger that I didn’t need a father – heavenly or human” or more recently, “I can see why I need to get on Twitter to market my book BUT I can’t imagine people being interested in what I’m thinking about and observing throughout the day.”

It’s easier to settle for (or get comfortable with) the lies, rather than living out the truth.

I’m trying to stay on the right side of my “but” these days.

Life with Jesus is about moving forward . . . breaking through . . . thinking big.

It’s just a thought. . . but I do like the play on words in the proposed title! 🙂

if you wait for perfect conditions..

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