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16 Days And Counting

Talking about Olympics…

At this particular moment, the countdown stands at 16 days 08 hours 55 minutes.

I admit it – I’m an Olympic fanatic. From the Opening Ceremonies to the last event, I will be an armchair athlete, soaking in every minute of this once-every-four-years sport extravaganza.

My husband got a glimpse of what’s to come when the American Olympic trials for gymnastics was on a couple of weeks ago.  I mean, I was glued to the TV, watching and re-watching all the routines…men’s and women’s competition…all eight hours of it.  When I asked Chris if he was going to join me one night, he said something like, “Yah…because I love watching you watching it. You’re completely involved.” He’s right – I’m right there, particularly when it comes to the gymnastics competition. Of course, I taped everything and was quite happy to watch it for a third time with my daughter.

The Star newspaper is featuring a Canadian athlete every day and I’m starting to get familiar with names and faces. Truth be known, I would just love to shut down for three weeks, stay in my pajamas, never shower and eat all my meals in front of the TV!  I know – its rather pathetic but the athlete in me wants to watch it all and root for the Canadians!  Remember the Winter Olympics? Didn’t you feel proud to be a Canadian?  I sure did!

By the way, ake a look at these rather strange,  blob-like, one-eyed Olympic mascots. Apparently, Wenlock and Mandeville were designed by London creative agency Iris, following an intensive selection process that included nationwide focus groups of young people, families and industry experts. Interesting stuff.

I guess these mascots represent everything current and relevant in the world today.

I have to admit – I don’t get it.

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  1. Anne

    Preparing us to be comfortable with aliens, maybe?

    Our local home-grown athlete is Leah Callahan, wrestler. We’re all rooting for her!

  2. Kathy taylor

    I think they’re meant to look like the handhelds everyone is now carrying. The kids would really get it!

    • Oh….interesting perspective! Thanks, Kath!

  3. Anne

    And here I thought it was social preparation for invasion by aliens. Would never have thought the “eye” was a camera lens. Or maybe it’s a subtle reminder that Big Brother is watching us??

    • Love your response, Anne….I sure do miss you! Love Diane

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