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After church on Christmas Eve, our family was entrenched in an intense game of BING – (you can imagine the family disappointment when we opened this brand new game and to our dismay, discovered that it was missing all the “O” balls!  So, we changed the game and a loudly shouted “BING!” heralded the winner).

When our son started tracking Santa’s location on NORAD and Phoenie heard that Santa had just crossed the ocean and was making his way to the States, he immediately stopped what he was doing and said, “I better go to sleep right now because Santa is going to be here soon – but I can hardly stand this waiting!”

He made the decision that Santa would like chocolate milk and chocolate cookies and that the reindeer needed a lot of carrots.  He wrote a quick letter to Santa explaining that “Dot (our wonderful neighbour) gave us some cookies today so that’s what we are giving you.  Hope you like them.”  He signed his name, “love Phoenix”, ran up the stairs, jumped into bed and despite his excitement, was asleep in two minutes.

The next morning, Phoenie was jumping on my son Andrew by 7:00 and by 7:30,  he had named his new pet hermit crab, “Tickle”.  He loved watching everyone open their presents while he patiently waited for his turn, draped in his frog blanket and holding his exploding volcano.  Of course, the best presents that we all received were the wonderful homemade Christmas cards that Phoenie had made with his school picture tucked inside.  Here’s a sample…..

Christmas Card

I know why we celebrate Christmas.  I know it’s about His presence, not the presents.   I’ve been thinking of Emmanuel…”God with us” this season.    I have loved singing Christmas carols and telling the Christmas story to Phoenie.  We’ve enjoyed playing with the nativity scene under our tree.  I have appreciated our pastor’s sermons about “Shopping for a Savior” this past month and I’ve spent some good quiet time thinking and writing about Jesus.

I also take such delight in watching my “Christmas Eve newly-pajama-ed” family sit around the Christmas tree, eating Pinchbread, opening presents and enjoying family time together. It hasn’t been a picture perfect Martha Stewart Christmas –  it never is.  This Christmas, I upset my daughter with my unbridled tongue and that kept me up late into the night with a deep sadness.

But God….

Emmanuel – God with us.

Thank you, God – that Your mercies are new every morning.  I asked Dawne for her forgiveness and we moved on.

In You is hope.  Real hope.  Ongoing healing.

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  1. Leigh

    I am thrilled that we always get a “re-do,” or a “do-over,” or whatever you want to call it. His mercies are NEW every morning, is my favorite promise. i too, made huge mistakes with my girls this Christmas…Healing is going to take time in my case! i have to learn about “Boundaries”. i suck at them!

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