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2018 Olympics

I can not blog for sixteen days without mentioning the 2018 Olympics.

Truth be known, I’m more of a summer Olympics fan but that being said, I have no difficulty parking myself in front of the TV and taking it all in. In reality, I can’t plunk down for sixteen days straight so Plan B has been PVRing every hour of coverage and when possible, I make my way through all the recording. Just give me a little food and drink, a mat to stretch on and an elliptical machine to jump onto when I need to move and I’m good to go.

People have often asked me why I enjoy the Olympics so much.

I appreciate how much life is exchanged in preparation for this level of athletic competition. I love to watch the athletes’ stories and I feel with them as they experience victory and defeat. I forced those around me to watch the Opening Ceremonies and I thoroughly enjoyed the pomp and pageantry of it all. I also delight in learning about all the different sports and marvel at the incredible talents showcased, records broken and memorable moments of national pride.

A couple of nights ago, Chris and I were glued to the mens’ Half Pike snowboarding competition. We became increasingly familiar with Double McTwist Tomahawks, Frontside Triple Corks, Goofy 1440s, Backside 1800 Quadruple Corks and Backside triple 1280 Nosegrabs. I know – zany names, right? I learned that when a rider becomes the first to successfully land a trick, he/she gets the honour of naming it with the help of standard snowboarding terms like Chicken Salad, Melon, Mute, Indy, Japan and Roast Beef.  Crazy stuff. Good trivia information, for sure.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the action on the rinks – the beauty of figure skating and the preciseness of speed skating. How fun to watch the Canadians win the team medal in figure skating. I’m not a big fan of curling but I’m slowly learning to appreciate the fine tuning in this sport and loved watching another gold medal be given in mixed curling. Luge and bobsled are so thrilling to watch – the speed is amazing. I know that being Canadian, I’m supposed to be heavily committed to ice hockey but if you were peeking in my window, you’d see me fast forward on many of these games, always mindful of the final scores. I wanna’ see Gold in both men and women’s hockey but watching the game in high speed suits me just fine.

And I’ve got to mention that the Canadian athletes are well decked out this time. There was no question who the Canadians were at this year’s opening ceremony. Hudson Bay outfitted the team in red parkas with “Canada” emblazoned loud and clear across the chest. Bright red winter boots also gave footwear some attention. Canadian athletes across the board continue to look great. My part in all this has been to wear my Canadian red and white mittens everywhere I go!

Of course, there are always controversies in the world of sport. Canadian short track speed skater, Kim Boutin’s joy of winning an Olympic medal quickly turned when her social media accounts were inundated with abuse and threats from angry South Korean fans. Thankfully, these incidents are the exception, not the pattern . . . so we move on.

I love it all. I know it’s expensive – there are many moments I think about better ways to spend this amount of money – but I am enthralled with nothing less than stellar athletic excellence and I am emotionally moved with so many magical moments of sportsman(woman)ship, unity, courage, perseverance and celebration.

So, I keep watching . . . and PVRing.


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