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Being In Love, Staying In Love

Chris and I went to a wedding today. It was small and simple and short and very sweet. Two people in love, committed their lives to each other before God, family and friends.

I believe the wedding ceremony is as important to the guests as it is to the bride and groom. Every person in that room was quieted and for a few moments, was exposed to the sacredness of marriage. While the vows were being shared before God, every person was swept into a holy moment.

Perhaps, married couples pondered the condition of their own marriages and their consciences were pricked.

Perhaps there were those who have experienced their parents’ and friends’ damaged marriages and and thus, perceived the ceremony as a foolish and empty ritual.

Perhaps there were single men and women who watched with stars in their eyes, yearning for a loving and forever partner with whom to share life.

Whoever was present, we all witnessed a God ordained and blessed union of a man and a woman…and it was good.

I remember something that the pastor said that stayed with me.

To fall in love, it takes a pulse.  To stay in love, it takes a plan.”  Wise words.

Love is what love does. In a marriage, there has to be a plan. Love is always doing. Love is always in motion. Love is always thinking about the other person.  Patrick Morley says, “to define love at rest is impossible because love never rests.  If love rests, it is no longer love, but indifference.” 

It’s hard work to love well. It’s not a feeling. Love is a choice that freely accepts another and seeks his/her highest good. I was challenged this afternoon.  Do I love my husband well? Do we have a plan? Is there forward movement in our marriage?  Do I seek his highest good?

It’s wise to reflect.  Weddings do this to me and I am thankful for it.

I have a plan. I’m going to go hug my husband.

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  1. Kathy

    Thanks Diane for loving my brother so well. Imagine, he waited for you for so many years not knowing where you’d come from, who you’d be, where he’d meet you and if he would ever find someone especially for him. And then you met …. At church . God has ordained it. Thank you Lord.

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