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I overheard this disturbing conversation between two women as they were yelling back and forth across the main road in town yesterday.

Hey, _________! How’s it going?

Hangin’ in there.

That’s good. You surviving?


Aren’t we all?

Seems like that’s what life is about. 

Ya, Well, if you make it ’til tomorrow, I’ll come say hi. 

Sure. If you want. Whatever. 

OK. Bye.


And the two women went their separate ways.

My plan was to hit the post office and the grocery store but these women were yelling so loudly, it was hard to not listen.

My initial feeling was sadness – for so many reasons. Perhaps I read too much into the conversation and I certainly don’t want to communicate any judgment but there seemed to be such a strong sense of resignation and “ho-hum-ness” about life.  From my perspective (and again, I could be completely off base) but it seemed like at some point, survival had become the goal to their days, rather than joy.  Their tone of voice and their responses, “Hangin’ in there” and “Whatever” sounded like they came from a place of withdrawal and no expectations, rather than full-on experiencing the adventure of life. Maybe the conversation was typical small town, surface talk…but maybe not.

Life is not about merely surviving.

This world has a way of draining us emotionally, wearing us down and blinding us to moments of simple delight but we can choose not to be victims of the lies that we tell ourselves about life.

There is truth. In Jesus. And it is truth that frees us.

There is joy. In Jesus.  And it is joy that lifts us.

There is beauty. In Jesus. And it is beauty that keeps us curious.

There is laughter and security and belongingness and peace and purpose. All in Jesus.

I don’t want to merely “hang in there” for the days ordained for me. I want to grow and learn and thrive.

And I want to love because love is the indeed the best use of life.

All possible in Jesus. All fulfilled in Jesus.

Freely given.

We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. 1 Corinthians 2.12






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