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Bird Watching

I saw this in yesterday’s paper and it made me laugh but to be honest, I wouldn’t score much higher when it comes to identifying bird species.

This advertisement also reminded me that my birthday is coming up and it’s time to get a bird feeder on my front lawn – right in front of my kitchen window.  I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I’ve called the bird house store and checked out when the sales start. Chris and I have visited the store and picked out the chunkiest, funkiest bird feeding accessories we could find.  I’m talking squirrel baffle, branch perch arm, tree hook, seed tube feeder, peanut wreath and suet cage – the whole shebang. Now the ball’s in Chris’ court – or should I say, on Chris’ lawn? Sale starts in one week. (hint, hint)

When I was young, I had absolutely no interest in bird watching.

I had a friend who was a proud birder (yes, that is actually the correct term to describe the person who seriously pursues the hobby or sport of birding) and I never understood his passion for watching these feathered creatures.  This guy carried his deluxe binoculars and his comprehensive bird book everywhere he went, hoping to spot that rare bird that would then be checked off some elusive bird watching list. To be honest, I thought he was a rather strange young man.

My goodness…have times changed. Now I get it. I’m looking so forward to cleaning pots in the kitchen sink and watching birds flock on my bird feeding station. It’s important to me that I intentionally build in “slow down” times in my day because I tend to move rather quickly, when left unattended. So bird watching is part of my “calming” strategy.

What a wonderful way to enjoy God’s handiwork.

My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather.
Loire Hartwould

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  1. leigh

    I have been a birder for 7 years now! Welcome to my world~ we have the feeder/millet socks on our deck and love watching them while we eat our meals. it is soo relaxing. Enjoy~ xo

    • …so what are feeder/millet socks, Leigh? Fill me in…..Diane

      • leigh

        millet socks are filled and hung for the beautiful little finches-sooo many colors. they hang on to the sock by their claws! sometimes we have 5-6 at a time!

  2. Karen Perrott

    I am happy for you! I have a a bird feeder by my window and love to sit and watch… Make sure you get a good book for identifying.Welcome to the Club!

    • Got any recommendations for a good book to identify birds, Karen? Diane

      • leigh

        make sure you get one for “Your” neck of the woods! xo

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