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A Bad Awful Day…Or Not?

The day started fine –  then I got out of bed.

I felt a bit discouraged this morning.  As far as I can tell, it’s a mixture of recent writer’s block and the anticipation of a crazy busy week coming up.  I should have jumped on my bike but the air felt heavy and the skies looked like they might open up and drench me in the middle of a ride, so I settled for an hour on the elliptical machine.  So far, so good.

Our water heater is temperamental these days so I got caught with a head full of shampoo when the water turned cold. That was not nice. But the worst was yet to come.  After I recovered from hypothermia in the shower, I came downstairs and tripped on my laptop cord.  I flew north and my laptop flew south.  I ended up landing on one knee, wincing with pain and my laptop….well….it landed with a mighty crunch on the living room floor and immediately started to gurgle. I have never heard a laptop suffer like that.  It literally took its last breath and died.

Danae came running down the stairs and switched to her massage therapist role, scolding me for putting ice directly on my knee.  I know she wanted to comfort me but as she scanned the scene, she was at a loss for words.  She had also heard the laptop gasping for air and instinctively knew there was a crisis ‘a-brewin’. Chris was teaching in the back room so he couldn’t rescue this damsel in distress. I had to wait until his lunchtime for the official death notification.

Chris pushed a couple of keys and then slowly closed the laptop.

Looks like you’ve lost everything that you didn’t back up, Diane.  The hard drive is rattling and the system files are missing.”

All the changes I had recently made in my book proposal were lost.  I could feel the tears coming so I just looked at Chris and said, “I’m just going to go upstairs and have a good cry.”  I limped upstairs, flopped on my bed and let it out.  I just had to grieve the loss.

Life can feel really heavy at times. Overwhelming, in fact. It takes a bit of time and some good old “discipline of mind” to regain a healthy and hopeful perspective.

A couple of hours have passed and I’m feeling better now. Three friends of mine are coming for dinner tonight and they should be arriving any minute now.  That will help – some laughing, some good food…and it’s Friday too!

I just looked out the kitchen window and caught a glimpse of my new geraniums standing tall in the window box. It’s a simple thing but it’s just the bit of “lightness” that I needed.

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  1. kathy

    Oh Diane… awful!!!
    Although technology is wonderful when it’s working…it can be a millstone too!! My laptop had corrupted files and I just got it back from my son-in-law. I spent all day Friday adding the programs I had had on it before the crash. Now I have learned how to transfer my contacts from my other computer to the laptop !! So after a month of just using my iphone for mail, it feels good to have more space in which to write.
    Poor you. How is your knee? So glad that Danae was there to help you out..your resident massage therapist!!

  2. Anne

    Oh, I can empathize with that awful sinking feeling when you know it’s irretrievably gone. I’m trusting that your “new” draft will be such an improvement over the old one (which was probably already very good) that you’ll be glad (much, much later) for the chance to do it all over again! (OK, maybe I’m being too optimistic!!)

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