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A Different Perspective

I have this hope shelf in my kitchen – it’s filled with little trinkets that communicate the word, hope. My friends know how much the concept of hope means to me and over time, I seem to have accumulated a number of hope gifts.

hope shelf before

Last weekend, my six year old grandson Phoenix, came to visit.  He got up bright and early in the morning, quickly gobbled up a hardy breakfast, and was anticipating a fun day with Nana and Papak.  (yes, it’s Papak with a “k” – the first word he articulated was truck, so when he learned the name papa, he naturally added a “k” on the end and it stuck!) At that particular moment, Nana was exercising and Papak was debating his next strategic move in his online Scrabble game so Phoenix had to keep himself busy for a while.

The hope shelf caught his eye so he jumped on the tall chair and grabbed a HOPE word.   He pulled the magnetic, brightly colored letters apart and started playing quietly by himself.  Maybe a minute passed and then I heard Phoenix squeal with delight, “Papak, that’s my name!”

Phoenix had rearranged the hope shelf and was absolutely delighted with the outcome.


Phoenie’s world is getting bigger by the day – he loves to learn – he wants to learn.  He is enthralled with concocting “potions”, reading new words, rock ‘n rollin’ in gymnastics, listening to stories, dreaming about big numbers, experimenting with ball-bouncing, learning to float, saying “Au Revoir” with the right intonation, observing how the water drains in the tub and wondering if God giggles.  Every day is an adventure for Phoenie.

When my husband and I walk by the Phoe on that shelf, it reminds us of the joy of learning.  Phoenie can sound out the word hope but he saw something more – same letters, different perspective.  We love watching “the wheels turning” while he discovers something new. On the way home from school today, he told me that he’s learning about bugs this week and he commented, “I think that God must get tired because He makes everything around here. ”

I hope you are learning new “stuff” every day – about God, about life, about yourselves and about this phenomenal world that we live in.

May we be lifelong learners!

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  1. Danielle

    What a wonderful story, and such a smart little grandson!!

  2. kathy taylor

    What a wonderful story!!! I LOVE this sentence” I heard Phoenix squeal with delight, “Papak, that’s my name!”” The delight at new discoveries. And seeing his name!!!

    Oh that we would be like children and see things in a new perspective-God must be tired because he makes all the things around here….

    HOPE !! Wonderful hope in every situation of every day, even when things seem hopeless. Keep writing!!

  3. Emily

    So that’s the story of Papak! Wow Pheonie catches on quick!

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