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A Fork In The Road

It’s been fun watching Danielle’s little girl learn to walk. I’ve seen Mikaela move through the various stages –  rolling over, slithering across the floor, sitting up, crawling, pulling herself up on the ottoman, lots of falls, walking with her little fingers in someone’s hands, walking with hesitancy and finally, walking with confidence.  I watched her on the weekend and she has officially mastered this skill.

Mikaela’s journey has been an encouraging reminder of the book-writing process for me… and if I were to put myself on that continuum, I would say that after eleven months of full time writing, I am in the  “pulling myself up on the ottoman and experiencing the inevitable falls”  stage. Writing a book is hard work. There are no short cuts and honestly,  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I’m learning to deal with the rejections with more grace, the occasional writer’s block with more patience and the ongoing encouragement with a more cautious humility. I’m also realizing how utterly different writing and speaking can be. Infusing who I am into a book is challenging.

Today was an inspiring day, despite the fact that I made a big decision to retrace some steps and take a different path than the one I have blazed up to this point – tough call but wise and necessary – I  have been strangely encouraged and quietly relieved.  I suppose this is what it’s all about for a “re-writer”.

A friend sent this scripture to me today. It breathed new life into me.  Thank you, friend.

The Message says this in Luke 6:43-45.

You don’t get wormy apples off a healthy tree, nor good apples off a deceased tree.  The health of the apple tells the health of the tree.  you must begin with your own life-giving lives.  It’s who you are, not what you say and do, that counts. Your true being brims over into true words and deeds.

It’s comforting to walk with my fingers grasped by Someone’s big hands. It helps me take the next step.

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  1. Kathy

    Just like some special songs tell us ” Day by day my Saviour leads me “, “Take my hand precious Lord” or the poem “Footprints”.
    I just gave “Footprints” to my husband’s Mom who us in her last hours/days on this side of eternity. .She was encouraged by the fact that she is being carried in Jesus’ arms in the difficult times, like now. .
    I know it’s hard to follow when your personality is to lead…. A hard lesson for me too. Still learning!
    Lessons in the school of life..

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