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A Good and Perfect Gift

Despite the snow storm,  thirty friends and family made their way to Beaverton to attend my daughter’s bridal shower this afternoon.  Chris kept busy as resident valet, shuffling cars from one parking spot to another, Phoenie had a blast rolling in the fresh snow with a giggly friend, Guy (the groom) sneaked in and out of the TV room, taking deep breaths before nervously facing all the female faces awaiting to meet him and Dawne, my daughter had a wonderful time talking and laughing with all the guests, reminiscing about her beautiful wedding day.   As usual, it seemed like I just ran up and down the stairs, emptied and filled the dishwasher, changed toilet paper rolls and engaged in short conversations before being pulled away to make tea, wipe spills and welcome arriving guests.  Five hours came and went –  it’s quiet now, Chris is cleaning the pots and I am finally able to put my feet up and relax.

This past week, I’ve been writing about my cycling experiences – you’ve read a sprinkling of funny moments and some disastrous ones.   There have also been numerous, glorious cycling days – like when I gave my “tooth in a chocolate bar” bike to a well deserving student of mine and built a new and improved one from eBay parts.  There have been those quiescent rides in the soft rain and challenging trips to Lake Simcoe, jumping in the lake for a rewarding swim and jumping back on my bike.  I fondly remember raising money for, and participating in the Multiple Sclerosis Ride to Niagara Falls with a team of crazy women and I love to think back on the many times I laid in grassy fields, stretching my legs and admiring cloud shapes.  There have also been those victorious moments of conquering steep hills, changing blown tires at the side of the road, disciplining myself to ride through real fatigue and making tough decisions after hard pedaling and deep wrestling within my soul.   It’s all happened on my road bike.

Chris has observed that my bike is an “extension of my faith”.  Cycling has helped me grow and heal and change.   It’s been an unexpected gift from God and it has been good.

We often forget or take for granted these “good and perfect gifts” from God.  Can you recognize His hand of provision in your life?

James 1:17

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  1. kathy taylor

    Love the bike stories and I DO remember the “roast”. I think it looked worse than the photos !!
    What a wonderful shower. It was great to see Dawne so happy with Guy. And of course, he’s not bad to look at either !!! Seriously, they are a happy, beautiful couple.
    I pray blessings on them for their life together.
    Keep up the riding and the writing !!!

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