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A Haven In An Attic

This is my haven for the next three nights.

I love everything about this attic — the colours, the stories, and the love that bursts out of every nook and cranny. Homemade stuff, all over the place. Blankets and purses. Buttons and ribbons and pencils and scissors. Fabric swatches and delicate laces. Doilies and antique lampshades. Scarves and mismatched piece rugs. An old rocking chair and an older suitcase. And books. So many books.

my new home 1
And this is where I nestle into my comfy bed. Tucked away in the corner under cozy flannel sheets and homemade quilts.

my new home 2

It feels like a hobbit cave. Warm and welcoming. Sheltered and secure.

Honestly, I can’t wait to get into bed.

I feel blessed and comforted. Looking forward to a long winter’s nap after a day of glorious conversations, giggles and gifts.

I’m so glad I came.

These are the moments of unexpected sweetness and delight.





  1. Diane, I’m so glad you came too. Hugs, sweet friend.
    Blessings as you have blessed me ~ Wendy

    • Diane (Author)

      Isn’t it amazing when two people who have never met, connect – in spirit and in passion for writing?

  2. How special that is!

  3. I am not a nonny mouse!

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