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A Little Fertilizer Won’t Hurt Anyone…

I’m sitting in the living room, looking out at our beautiful lake and I’m dismayed.

Last week’s thunderstorm caused severe runoff from the local farm which, in the past few years, has transitioned from a sod farm to a three harvest per year super farm.  This runoff has made its way all along Alsops Beach towards town and has turned the water from relatively clear to a dismal chocolate milk – like color.  This murky water stretches out two to three hundreds yards from the shore. For the entire long weekend, although people have been swimming, many have preferred to wade out past this cloud to where the water is clear. On top of this bad news, Chris and I haven’t been able to repair our collapsed marine railway because we can’t see what we’re doing through the murky water.  As a result, our boat is stranded half way up the railway.  Fortunately, it’s just out of reach of all but the highest of waves.

No boat and no ready access to clear water – it all happened just in time for the long weekend. It’s been frustrating because we’ve had to cancel our plans (who wants their kids to swim in this muck?) but more importantly,it’s a huge concern for residents here, who backyard onto this water.  According to the neighbours who have lived here for a long time, this has never happened before.  There are times when the big waves stir up the sand on the bottom of the lake but it eventually settles.  This is different…very different.  This is lingering.

We’re all concerned. We’re wondering what we’re swimming in.  Pesticides?  Fertilizers? It’s been three brown water days and there is no sign of letting up. Surely the owners of this super farm are aware of the damage that they are causing in this lake water.

Do they care?

I will be calling the Ministry of Natural Resources first thing tomorrow.

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  1. Anne

    Shades of Rachel Carson …. yes, please call the Ministry. We get poisoned enough these days without carelessness adding to the mixture.

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