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A Man And His Boat

The boat is coming! The boat is coming!

I’m telling you –  it felt like we were preparing for the queen today. We were up and at ’em early this morning, cleaning out the upstairs shed so that we could move various paraphernalia to the boat house so that we could transfer other goodies from the boathouse to the downtstairs shed so that we could make room for Chris’ baby!  You know how you have to back track and do ten times more than you originally planned?  Well, that’s exactly what the day was like for us – it was all necessary arranging and rearranging in order to make room for the new member of our family.  Chris built some great shelves underneath the work bench, I did a lot of folding towels, sweeping floors and as usual, I completed my one hour mandatory dandelion removal.  ( I have committed to the lofty goal of ridding our lawn as well as my neighbours lawns on both sides of these pesty  little yellow varmints)   It took about eight hours of work and a strategic late afternoon nap to complete the mission.  As it stands, the marine railway is officially ready to receive its special cargo tomorrow afternoon.

Apparently, a man needs a boat if a man lives on the water. – ask any man living on Alsops Beach and they will confirm this reality. I’ve managed to survive just fine without a motor boat but Chris is definitely chomping at the bit to rev up the engine and start exploring Lake Simcoe.  I don’t think I will ever quite understand his fascination with fast boats but I have come to accept it as part of his genetic wiring.

So, tomorrow is the big day!  The whole family is coming to visit and I envision the climatic moment will be when the seven of us climb into the boat for its maiden voyage.

Chris & I both went for a quick swim today and we are quite confident that there are no icebergs…

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  1. Kathy

    Enjoy!!! I can just see him now… Just like on Stoney Lake…..
    Did you know Chris is also an expert in diving and holding his breath for a l- o- n- g time underwater ? He is great at finding dropped objects from the bottom of the lake!!!

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