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A Moment to Remember

Highlight of the long weekend?

Well, there’s a story behind this moment. Let me explain.

We have some wonderful neighbours who head south for six months every year, once they’ve experienced a few cold and windy days of fall. Chris and I appreciate their friendship so much — the bike rides, the walks, the garden talks, the laughs and the long conversations standing on the road, sitting on their awesome deck and hanging’ around our kitchen table. A couple of years ago, before they headed south, I gave them a really cool mug for their travel. Now, for those who don’t know me well, I LOVE mugs. I always tell Chris how lucky he is because he didn’t marry a woman who collects expensive shoes, jewelry or clothes. However, every time I go near a store with mugs, I must take a peek. Occasionally, one mug really stands out and I just HAVE to buy it — this “Enjoy the ride” one definitely had my travelling, bike-riding friend’s name on it.

awesome mug

Well, my friend really liked her mug and so did her husband so, before they took off on their six-month trip, I surprised them with a second mug. They’ve been thoroughly enjoying their coffee and tea in their awesome mugs ever since.

O.K. So fast forward to a week ago.

My friends were sitting on their front deck with their mugs and as I passed by, I made a quick comment, “Oh, I love those mugs so much. Makes me happy that you guys like them too.”

Now, there’s one more piece of this puzzle you need to know.

When I own something that I like very much, I often give it away — it’s just something I do. I think it’s part of my “Collect moments, not things” lifestyle.  I enjoy the item immensely for a while and then I give it away to someone who likes it or needs it. I truly enjoy watching the joy that such a simple gesture can give another person.

So, fast forward to a couple of days ago.

There was a knock on the front door and there stood our friends.

“We have this little dilemma and the two of thought, “What would Diane do?”

Then they handed me one of their mugs.

awesome mug 2


I wish I could have bottled both their expressions of pure joy giving me back my mug and my expression of pure jubilation receiving such a heart-felt gift.

These are the moments in life to cherish.

Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary at the right time, with the right people.

After a long morning’s yard and garden work, I’m going to sit down with a nice “Enjoy the ride” cup of chai tea.

Thanks, neighbours!



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  1. I love this! Such a gift of the heart returned back to you! Pay it forward…. Pay it back with love xo

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