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A “Never And Always” Day

Never have a “never and always” day. Wise advice but difficult to live out.

You know those days when your part in a conversation begins to take on a black and white tinge?  You get those prickly feelings inside when you are insecure, defensive, angry or offended and somehow, when you are trying to make your point, you resort to the “never” and “always” comments? They can really kill a conversation.

A friend was telling me about a bad, awful beginning to her day, when she got into a controversial conversation with her husband.  Somewhere between bad and worse, the sweeping “never” and “always” comments reared their ugly heads. Nothing was accomplished, nothing was solved. My friend and her husband went their separate ways and felt defeated for the entire day.

This was a good reminder for me. My husband and I have had an ongoing, unsolved conflict this week.  He’s coming home this afternoon and I’m looking forward to hugging him and working through this conflict.  I am the one who would be more likely to emote to the point where this”never and always” tactic would be used and I don’t want it to go that way.  So, I’m thankful for the reminder, although it was at the expense of my friend’s frustration.

Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.  Wendell Johnson

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  1. Linda

    Two of my most un-favorite words ~ never & always, especially when used in the same sentence! :o)

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