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A Quick Trip To Ireland

Chris is teaching in Limerick, Ireland this week. Sure wish I could have fit in his suitcase.

Limerick, the fifth biggest city in Ireland, is a walkable city where most of the sights and attractions are within a stone’s throw of each other. Most are located in the gridiron of streets south of King John’s Castle, which is the city’s trademark – a beautiful and majestic site on the banks of the Shannon.

As soon as Chris arrived at his hotel, he took a little walk along the River Shannon.

When we were talking on Skype this morning, he was telling me that he was amazed at how many castles he saw on his short drive from the airport to his hotel. After doing a little research, I found out that Limerick has over four hundred of these Norman castles and keeps.

So much rich history in Europe…that’s for sure.

I think Chris was more concerned about arriving alive at his hotel then he was looking at old castles because he was being challenged by his rented, diesel, standard, right hand drive, Nissan SUV that barely fit on his left side of the road. He was quite concerned that he was going to knock his side view mirror off the side of his car as he passed other cars on the two lane road.

He headed to Bunratty Castle and Fold Park in the evening for a medieval banquet and entertainment. This castle is the most complete and authentic medieval fortress in Ireland and Chris thoroughly enjoyed the ribs and capon, using only a knife. ( I guess they didn’t have forks back then??)  The entertainment was very interesting too.

Harpist in the Great Room of Castle

Harpist in the Great Room of Castle

entertainment during dinner

entertainment during dinner

It was a long day for Chris and he was yawning as we were talking on Skype at 12:30 a.m., his time. So, he’s headed to bed.

Gotta’ love technology, when it comes to staying connected.

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  1. Kathy taylor

    Wow! Ireland! I just googled Limerick to Belfast. It’s 201 miles and takes almost 4 1/2 hours. Chris’ cousin Hiilja lives there!! I have her address and phone number if he has time:))

  2. Anne

    Don’t understand why he doesn’t request a PA – I mean, really, he shouldn’t be expected to do everything himself!

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