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A Rainy Day Blog

Hey, it’s Phoenix!

It’s early Tuesday morning and it’s pouring rain. Finally. We needed a good rainfall. It’s really coming down. The Weather Network reports 100% rain from 9 a.m. to noon. Looks like an indoor play day but maybe it would be fun to go out in the lake when it’s raining!

I’m going to A.J’s house for the morning but I want to tell you a story about something that happened yesterday morning.

Papak looked out the back window and called Nana and I over to look at the ugly turkey vulture perched on the waterfront rocks. It’s unusual to see a vulture here so Papak and I figured something was up. We walked down to the water front and guess what we found?

(If you have a weak stomach, maybe you shouldn’t read this!)

At first, we didn’t know exactly what it was because there was hardly any fur on it and it was so swollen that we couldn’t tell what the original size was. Its arms and tail and most of its body was completely hairless so it looked like a killer opossum but we figured it was a raccoon. I recognized it by its gaping mouth because a long time ago, I found a raccoon skull on the train tracks.

Papak had to go to work so he didn’t have any time to bury it but one of the neighbours suggested that my friends and I could tie a rope around its body and float it along the shore behind Kelvin’s kayak until we get to Bare Butt Beach and throw it in the bush. (If you’re wondering why it’s called Bare Butt Beach, it’s because it’s completely isolated and only accessible by water so in the past, people went there to go skinny-dipping. That’s gross!) ¬†Anyways, as I was saying, the neighbour suggested this strategy to get rid of the racoon and I was game to try this as long as someone else tied the knot around the raccoon.

Nana started tutoring a student on the swing and the raccoon was so smelly that the two of them had to go back into the house. Papak had to do something….QUICK! He took a break from working in his office, dragged the corpse behind a canoe and paddled it over to the beach. Needless to say, no one will be using that beach for a month, unless they’re a good breeze.

No more dead raccoon around here!

Never a dull moment around Papak and Nana’s house!

I’m going to have to ask my mom what happened to my raccoon skull. I seem to recall her telling me to go and have a shower and then she threw it out. One more reason for me to hate showers!

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