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A Very Fine House

Our house wakes up at about 7:00 am these cold and windy, winter days.

The sun has be shining for a few minutes before the creaks and cracks begin.  The walls take a much needed stretch, whether they have rested quietly or wrestled feverishly with the wind from the night before.  The animals begin to scoot across the roof. There’s a strong wind and it causes the baffle of the kitchen exhaust fan to open and close with a loud clap every minute or so. Inevitably, there will be a click in the thermostat and the propane stove will burst to life. Occasionally, the water pump under the stairs will kick in with a whir and restore pressure to the house’s plumbing. As the morning train approaches, the floors, the china cabinet and the lampshades acknowledge its arrival with a shuttering welcome.

The front blinds “zzzwhip” as the cord is pulled to reveal the birds gathered for breakfast at the feeder.  In the winter, these houseguests include chickadees, sparrows, mourning doves, cardinals and the occasional woodpecker, invading the suet post. Numerous bluejays will attack the peanut wreath until it’s empty, usually in less than an hour.

These days, the wind seems to gather more momentum across the frozen lake then it does when the summer waves grab at it. The lake has become a white dessert, soon to be dotted with nomadic fish huts, with the bedouins straddling snowmobiles and four-wheelers, rather than camels.

When the winds are strong, they are able to penetrate the west wall of the house, sending the occasional chill through the rooms and this, coupled with the cold kitchen floor,  sends us to the slipper box, warm sweaters and blankets.

The coffee machine gurgles and spreads an enticing aroma through the kitchen and up the stairs.

Our little home is awake.

And now, may it please you to bless the house of your servant, so that it may continue forever before you. For you have spoken, and when you grant a blessing to your servant, O Sovereign Lord, it is an eternal blessing.   2 Samuel 7.29 NLT


  1. Chris

    Sounds exactly like our house!

  2. Lovely Diane.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Wendy. Hopefully, one day you will be sitting here enjoying our home!

  3. Linda Neff

    Lovely description! I felt “there.” And I will be soon:)

    • Diane (Author)

      …and totally looking forward to our time together. Lots of uninterrupted, tea drinking and gabbing. My kind of Saturday!

  4. This is so well written!
    You are such a good writer Diane

    • Diane (Author)

      You’re so sweet, Karen. I always appreciate your words of encouragement and love.

  5. Kathy taylor

    Oh so beautifully written, Diane.
    Your word pictures are truly gifted! All of my senses were keen for each description. Had I no sight nor hearing, reading this, in Braille or reading it in signing, would have brought me directly to this lovely spot. Your haven.
    I’m so glad I clicked on your name on my email page when I received it in my IN box. Had I not, I would have missed the wonderful song, “Our House” by Crosby Stills Nash And Young!

    • Diane (Author)

      It’s a great song, isn’t it? Thanks, Kathy for your encouraging words. It’s not difficult to write about a place I love – our haven.

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