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A Work In Progress

It seems that every time I lean over the back deck to see how my husband is progressing with the wooden swing construction, this is what I see.

Chris is standing there, thinking about the next step.

I think Chris has spent more time figuring out HOW to make the swing than he has actually building it.  He knows what he wants to do – he’s had a general plan in his head –  and he can envision the final result but he’s been spending a lot of time, staring at the swing and wondering how he’s going to make this swing…well…swing.

Early this summer, we decided that it would be a great idea to have a big, wooden swing by the water. Well, actually….I decided that the swing would be a wonderful addition to the water front but Chris was going to be the guy who made it.

He loaded up the cedar from a friend’s farm a few weeks ago and he’s been looking forward to this summer project ever since. It’s the slow, step-by-step process of the swing coming together that Chris enjoys.

“I like the challenge. Now I can better understand the artist who is creating as he works.”

This is SO Chris…puttering, figuring out the logistics of a project, working slowly with his hands, building stuff out of wood and committed to a standard of excellence.  At our last house, Chris made a sprawling back deck and a decorative front fence. I wish I could have brought both of his masterpieces with us when we moved.

He’s been calculating, sawing and hammering for the past three hours and now his creation is beginning to look like a swing.  He’s a little mystified on how he’s going to hang this baby but I know he’ll come through.

He just needs a little time and be willing to “tweek” some of his ideas…and that’s what he enjoys the most.

Chris just finished for the day. He went in for a swim and is now doing Sudokus. When I asked him about his building experience for the day, he responded with this:

I’m all puttered out. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing but it seems to be working. “

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.  Julia Cameron

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