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Adults at School!?

It was Grandparents Day at my school today so Nana and Papak came to visit.

Our Grade 5 class played “As I Survey the Wondrous Cross” on the recorder and I didn’t make any mistakes but in the last line, I ran out of breath so I was just blowing air but not making any sounds.

Phoenie playing recorder Grandparents Day 2015

Then we went up to my classroom. This is the door to my room. I’m in Mrs. Pot’s class.

classroom door Grandparents Day 2015

I showed Papak and Nana around and we talked to the teacher and we did some work sheets together.

You and Me Venn Diagram Grandparents Day 2015

I love Papak.

Papak and Phoenie Grandparents 2015

At the end of the morning, Nana said to me, “Hey, thanks for inviting us today” and my response was, “Well, it’s Grandparents Day – who else would I invite?”

Phoenie goofing around Grandparents Day 2015



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