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When I was a little girl, I never understood why I had to wait for anything.

Instant gratification felt better. It didn’t last but for the moment, it filled my belly.

I’m all grown up now and as I watched the first advent candle being yesterday morning at church, I thought to myself, “I’m still waiting. Counting the days. Hoping for more. Longing for the Light of the world to come.” 

The older I get, the more I realize how much I long. I don’t want a full belly. I want healing and stillness and peace.

All possible because of the Christ child.

Sarah Bessey says it well.

Advent simply means “coming” – so for me, it is about the waiting. When people talk about “living in the tension” I think of Advent. It’s the time when we prepare to celebrate his birth and we also acknowledge that we are waiting here still for every tear to be wiped away. I think of the waiting for the Christ child, yes, and I think of the still-waiting for all things to be made right, for our longing for Shalom. 

I celebrate the birth of Christ and I long for His loving hand in and on my life.

away in the manger for you

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