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Aim For The Stars

This morning, my son sent me a picture of him riding a camel in Marrakech, Morocco and it got me thinking about how exciting life can be.

This afternoon, I received an inspiring email, challenging me with these words: “How much time you got left?? What are you gonna do with it?” I stopped and pondered these profound questions as well.

It’s all been so timely because last night, I was reminded that I too, have high aspirations.  My good friend’s husband actually overheard me say these exact words and was so “inspired” that he send me an e-card, articulating my lofty hopes and dreams.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Oh, when I grow up I want to be a nailpolish namer.

 Let me explain the context.  I was at a home party, experimenting with all sorts of different warmer fragrances and I was quite enthralled with all the creative names of scents. I do remember saying something like, “you know, someone actually gets paid to come up with all these names” and then, I proceeded to blurt out these memorable words.
 I aim high, huh? 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!

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