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An old, broken dumptruck, big rubber boots and eyes as big as saucers

Once a month, I head back to my old neighborhood to babysit Isaiah and Mikaela.  Their mommy loves this day because she gets some time and freedom to do whatever she wants to do,  without wrestling two car seats and carrying Goldfish snacks and baby rattles everywhere she goes.  I love this day because I find great pleasure in coming along side and helping my friend, Danielle – a wonderful, loving and tired young mom.  I also love this day because Danielle always comes home with my favorite soy chai latte with extra foam and cinnamon.

It was early morning – cold but sunny – and it seemed like a mighty good day for an adventure so off the three of us went  – across the road, around the corner, down the hill and – “Oh look, Isaiah – there’s a dump truck in that pond!  Let’s go explore!”   Isaiah and I pushed the stroller down the bumpy hill but alas, the dump truck was just out of our reach and the pond was very muddy.

“Isaiah, we need to put on some rubber boots so we can get that dump truck.”  Isaiah was intrigued and I was determined.  Mikaela was asleep.

We rushed back home and I got a pair of warm gloves and daddy’s rubber boots.  We marched back to the pond to complete our rescue mission.  “Ok, Isaiah – you watch Mikaela….I’m going in.”

I took about five steps into the pond and then I got stuck.  My boots started sinking deeper into the mud  but I couldn’t abort the mission.   I had  to get that dump truck.  I looked over at Isaiah and I will never forget the look on his face.  He was jumping up and down, with this HUGE grin on his face, eyes as big as saucers, clapping his hands,  yelling, “You can do it, Diane…I’m going to ride that dump truck home!”   Now Isaiah and I were both determined.  Mikaela was still asleep.

With superhero strength, I pulled and I pulled.  The mud suction broke and out came the dump truck!   Isaiah was “over the top” with excitement, I felt like I had just given birth and Mikaela was still sleeping.

“We did it!” yelled Isaiah.  We high-fived each other and we were struttin’  like two peacocks all the way home.

Danielle told me that the day after this incredible feat, as soon as Isaiah woke up, he ran down the stairs, peeked behind the curtains and said,         ” Yup, it’s still there, mom.”   I’m sure that Mikaela was still sleeping through that too.     🙂

Oh, to savor these moments.  It feels amazing to stick with something until the end.  In this world,  where instant gratification seems to be the goal,  it’s wonderful to experience the delight of perseverance and accomplishment.

Thanks Isaiah (and sleepy Mikaela)  – for a good day.

Romans 5.4

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  1. Danielle

    I love it! We still peak out the window to make sure the dump truck is still there. Isaiah can’t wait until you come over again.. it’s never a dull moment with you Diane!

  2. Debbie

    Just as Gods word teaches us well and shows us the way, we learn so very much from children, if only our eyes and hearts are open to the lesson.

  3. kathy taylor

    Such a cute story.looks like a story for Readers’ Digest or a Christian publication…I can picture you wish the slooch sound of the sucking mud…and Isaiah’s encouragement, subsequent glee, and you high-fiving together..puts a smile on my face.And of course the baby who never awakens!! Keep persevering!! Love you!

  4. Emily

    Life is kinda like that situation isn’t it? Push through your troubles (mud) to get to the great ending result (dumptruck). But first you need your protection, God (the boots) I hope you have many more “dumptruckin’ days” to come!

  5. Coco

    Great details! I love the description:)
    This is a wonderful story! Writing the book is similar to pulling the truck in mud, the more you “pull”, the deeper you get and the closer you are with God on the journey!

    Keep it up:)

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