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Angel Nurse

I decided to spend a couple of days with my dear sister-in-law. She’s been having a rough time since she tumbled down the cottage stairs three weeks ago and shortly after, got an infection in her fractured ankle. Imagine lying on a bed for three weeks, leg placed higher than her heart, experiencing numerous and painful IV attempts and failures, aggravated by a drastic loss of freedom and the need to depend on others for the basics. It’s enough to dampen anyone’s spirits.

As I texted my daughter today, “everybody needs a little help once in a while.” It’s my sister-in-law’s turn this time and I hope she enjoyed the day with me as much as I enjoyed the day with her. It was good to sit and laugh together.  It was good to come along side and help her in whatever ways she needed. It was important to care – more important than anything else that I could do for the next two days.

Mid afternoon, the IV that was put in Kathy’s wrist was so restricting and uncomfortable that she decided to call her nurse. He had already gone home for the day and was most likely looking forward to some down time with his family, yet he drove back to my sister-in-law’s house and spent two hours, patiently trying to reposition the IV in a more comfortable place.  I called him Angel Nurse.  He was a man who practised medicine with a standard of excellence and a heart of compassion. He explained all the procedures, he was gentle and caring and he allowed himself to be vulnerable with Kathy and I.  The three of us made the best of a lousy situation and the afternoon flew by.

I was so impressed with this nurse.  He made it very clear that he was available to help Kathy day or night and he truly cared for her health and comfort. He was unique.  He was real. The thought ran through my mind that I was in the presence of an angel because of the tender ways that he took care of my sister-in-law.  Kathy wasn’t merely a number on a long list of home visits. She was a person in need of assistance and he was “all there” for her.

I won’t forget him because I saw Jesus in the way this man showed such Christ-like compassion.  I was reminded of a song that I heard a few weeks ago.

Be kind and compassionate to one another…  Ephesians 4:32

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  1. leigh

    There are angels among us for sure!

  2. Barb

    Thanks Diane. I have tears and tingling up my arms and back, you are so right.
    We have been praying for God to work, provide and headland He is doing just that. Some would say, “why did God allow this”? But God has been at work in Kathy’s life from the moment of her fall. She has only been thankful and humbled from His provision and protection. Be careful how you entertain as it may be angels unaware!

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