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Anyone Want a Groundhog?

The picture on the left is our dilemma at the moment.  The picture on the right is our goal. This critter has done so much damage in the neighbourhood gardens AND he seems to have found home base under our tool shed.


Chris and I have done our homework. We googled, “What do groundhogs like to eat?” and I sent Chris cantaloupe shopping because they happened to be on sale that week. That’s right! – cantaloupe! Neither Chris or I eat cantaloupe but apparently, they are quite agreeable to a groundhog’s palate. Nothing too cheap for our groundhogs!

Chris baited a number of traps, both in our front and back yard.

And we waited.

So far, we’ve made our way through quite a few cantaloupes and successfully caught the same racoon five times. I don’t know if we have a whole platoon of these woodchucks running around our property but they don’t seem to be falling for the traps.

I actually think these animals intentionally taunt me. If they had thumbs and if they could stick those thumbs in their ears and whine, “Na, na, na,”, I think that’s exactly what they would do. I think there’s a group of them who meet under the shed at 0600 and strategize. They’ve mapped my moves – they know when I get up, what I eat for breakfast and when I head out to the garden.

This morning, I went out to water the vegetables. As I came around the corner of the shed, there he was – the big, fat, captain groundhog, confidently exiting the hole under the shed, preparing to lead his team in the fine art of pea plant nibbling. I stopped in my tracks and I’m telling you, that groundhog stared me down. Neither of us moved but we both knew that someone had to win the competition and I shamefully crumbled. He wore me down. He was the victor. He watched me water and pick and stake and weed but he didn’t move. He didn’t blink either.

There is no way he is going to be foolish enough to head into that trap. Somebody has tipped him off.  I honestly think he knows exactly what he’s doing and he knows that piece of cantaloupe is not worth the risk. So, he waddles to the back yard and eats clover as I helplessly watch him from the deck.

I feel defeated.

Do we send a dog in the hole? Do we flood the hole with water and force the groundhog to surrender? Do we create a trail of carrots leading into the trap? Do we hire Elmer Fudd?


Anyone have any ideas?

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