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Autumn Wreath, Awesome Woman

A friend and I spent yesterday afternoon running around town, doing last minute preparations for the evening to come — a Toastmaster speech contest.  Although it was wonderful to anticipate sitting back and enjoying the contest as opposed to competing in it, being President of our club made me responsible for tying up loose ends to ensure a successful evening.

It’s definitely more fun to do chores with a friend.

When we arrived at the craft store and started rummaging around for one tiny little item, my friend surprised me with an early birthday gift – she bought me this beautiful autumn wreath, which now proudly hangs on my front door.

autumn wreath

Beautiful season. Beautiful friend.

What was originally planned to be a relaxing afternoon tea and a walk around her neighbourhood, turned out to be catch-up time on the run and Carolyn went with the flow.

It didn’t matter what we did or where we were — the point was to be together. We did manage to enjoy a sit-down, albeit, quick dinner of open-faced vegetable buns, local corn on the cob and delicious squash, sweet potato and turnip soup. Carolyn quite outdid herself by baking a “svetchen kuchen” (plum cake) and I have to admit, it was difficult to drag myself away from the table, in order to make our way to the Toastmaster meeting.

When it comes to friendship, it truly is about the presence, not the presents because my love language is positive affirmation but I gotta’ admit, the presents are pretty cool too.  What I love about presents is that they provide a memory – a symbol that can bring a loved one to mind. I know that for now on, every time I hang this wreath on my front door, I’ll think of Carolyn and our mad dash to the craft store.

It’s fall, I have a new wreath for my front door, a memory to cherish…and all is well.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.                        Henry David Thoreau







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