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Back Spasm Reality

This came in the mail yesterday.

You might be saying, “Really, Diane?

Yes, really. My first back spasm experience happened about 25 years ago when I reached in to put my newborn baby boy into the back seat carseat. Can you picture that really awkward position? Talking about newborn babies, that first spasm felt like I was giving birth out of my back – same increasing pain as the contraction climaxed, followed by a short rest between contractions. I had never experienced anything like this unique pain and 25 years later, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to survive these spasms.


I’ve gotta’ say – I’ve tried a myriad of solutions.


Ice packs.

Muscle relaxants.

Professional massage.

Stretching over the exercise ball.

Essential oils.



Hot baths/showers.


Healing prayers.

Chris using a massage machine on my back while I’m flailed over a nearby ottoman.

Hot water bottles.

Elevated legs.

Breathing techniques.

Of course, most of these solutions come with a dose of grumpiness and groaning on my part.

So, what have I learned in 25 years of assorted relief methods?

Surrender to a horizontal position. Take a muscle relaxant. Ice packs. And time.

Very infrequently, if I feel the initial twinge and quickly lie down with ice packs, I can ward off the full fledged spasm but most of the time, I’m in for about a 20 hour, really tiring ordeal before the spasm stops.

And I’m so thankful when it subsides. Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of reading about back spasms and apparently, many people suffer far more intensely and much longer than I do so I’m not complaining . . . much.

The interesting thing about all this is that over the years, I’ve observed that when I have worn out all my relief options and I surrender, there are often beautiful moments of intimacy with Jesus, amidst the physical pain.

Reflection and tears.

Quietness and contemplation.

Strong and frustrating resistance is slowly being replaced with a more peaceful resignation to the process.

Would I prefer not to go through all the pain? Absolutely . . . but a pain free life has never been my reality.

My husband’s boss highly recommended the above book and since trigger point therapy is not on my “been there, done that” list, I’ve decided to give this a good read over, educate my husband on the topic of trigger points and hope that the next time my back goes into spasm, Chris will be in the near vicinity, he will jump into action and save the day. I was listening to Focus on the Family this morning and apparently, husbands like to be their wives heroes, so Chris – here’s your chance!

If not . . . well . . . hopefully, I will learn to not only accept this reality of my life with grace and perseverance but to embrace it. Honestly, I’m not there yet – I’m still looking for relief but one day . . .

May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant. Psalm 119.76













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