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Barns and Family

There’s nothing like life on a farm.


I’m so thankful that I have farm-life friends.

I was handed a homemade chai and out we trekked to the barn. Three-year-old Violet collected eggs for me, showed me the new kittens, confidently made her way through secret tunnels in the barn and was delighted to hold hands for a short walk with her daddy. I mean how does a child ever get bored living on a farm?

My friend and I checked out the cows and then we headed to a recently flattened dirt mound, where we began pushing a big magnet on wheels, hoping to find old treasures in the dirt while we caught up with each other’s lives. Marcie found two very old bottles and one of her children found an old coin, dated 1808.

Very cool. Who needs toys when you have a dirt mound?

What a grand time together. It was the perfect morning – sunny and welcoming.

It doesn’t get much better than hangin’ out with a friend, drinking chai and experiencing the never ending adventures of farm life.

I’m still hoping to witness the birth of a cow but so far, none of my friends’ cows have cooperated with my schedule.

Here’s farmgirl Violet checking the day’s egg production. What a classroom for learning!

Violet and the chickens



  1. Kathy

    How special!! Life in a farm sounds so idyllic!!
    Our mom was r the cowhand on her farm in Estonia. She loved it!! I never tired of her stories of what she and her siix sisters did daily!! Our mom also had ” cow eyes””. Big and beautiful!!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks for the descriptions, Kathy! Very nice!

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