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Be Still, My Soul

This is my first quiet Wednesday.

Well…it was supposed to be.

I’ve been looking forward to these Wednesdays all summer. My intention was to quiet my soul on this day of the week.

Slow down. Spend time in prayer. Journal. Bask in God’s presence. Be mindful. Be thankful.

Reality — this morning I jumped out of bed, read my Bible, prepared some fundraising letters for my Africa missions trip, baked muffins, posted on FB, wrote six emails, cleaned a bathroom, made chilli, worked out and now, I’m blogging.

Not too successful on the “quiet” part of my Wednesday.

Actually, if I’m honest with myself, this has been a real failure . . .  but God willing, I have lots more Wednesdays to get better at being quiet.

I realized something really important today —  my quiet Wednesdays need to start on busy Tuesday nights. 

Last night, I thought about today but I didn’t intentionally plan for today so my natural speed of life took over this morning.

I need grace in my life to be gentle with myself.

In their book, Seeking Him: Experiencing The Joy of Personal Revival, Nancy DeMoss and Tim Grisson write,“From the cradle to the grace – we are utterly, absolutely, entirely, always dependent on His grace! God’s grace is His all-sufficient provision for every need we will ever have.”

Amen to that.

I am amazed by grace and it serves as a continual reminder of this reality: “Apart from Him (Jesus), I can do nothing.” John 15.5

Wednesday isn’t over so it’s time to be quiet.

When we humble ourselves before the Lord, “the God of all grace” gives to us a greater grace.”   1 Peter 5.6-10

Be kind to yourself





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