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Be Still

Now, here’s a novel idea.

Wake up in the morning, go down to the hotel restaurant, toast some bread, grab some butter and honey — oh, no . . .wait. You’ll need to be still and watch the honey drip from the honeycomb, into the trough and down into the spoon.


Hope you’re not in a rush . . . apparently, it takes about ten minutes to fill that small spoon at the end of the journey.

You want real honey?  Then you’re just going to have to wait.

What a great opportunity to practise stillness.

Apparently, my husband waited patiently for the honey . . . but he visited the nut bar too.

honeycomb 2

I think it’s wise to build in moments during the day to intentionally stop, look around, breathe deep and wonder. I use the word, “intentional” because once MY feet hit the floor in the morning, I’m off to the races! Places to go, things to do, people to see! My days are full with making plans, meeting goals and spending time with people  — and I like it that way — but I need to MAKE time to watch, listen and ponder.

So, intentionally, I . . .

. . . put a birdhouse in front of the kitchen window. I didn’t know that certain birds feed upside down, pecking at the suet.

. . . use that pretty container for dish detergent, even though the liquid comes out R-E-A-L-l-Y slowly. I never realized how often baby skunks wander over those train tracks in the early evening.

. . . let the car warm up on a cold day. I finally figured out how to navigate all the buttons on the dashboard.

. . . make my way through the snow and sit on my swing — just my Bible and me. My soul is quieted as I watch birds balance on top of ice hills on the lake.

Goals, schmoals. Take time to be still.

be still and listen


For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.       Psalm 62.5 ESV



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