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Beauty in Brokenness

I don’t know if a broken heart really mends or if it just learns to live in pieces. We’ve all had one and maybe that is by design. Maybe we were never meant to stay intact. Maybe our beautiful understanding comes from our personal brokenness.  JM Storm

I like this quote because for me, brokenness does conjure up a picture of fallen, jagged-edged pieces.

I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced brokenness.

I believe that healing requires both the process of breaking down (descent of emotional turmoil) and breaking up. (ascent of discovering new ways of thinking because of a willingness to understand and confess lies/distortions I foolishly believed) There was pain. No question, there was unspeakable pain. Life felt terrible for a season.

I will never forget the helplessness that I felt in my dark days.

I don’t want to ever forget because those memories me. They humble and quiet me. No amount of personal ability/talent/skill would ever have brought me wholeness. The heart that God Himself revived and restored required a humbling recognition, understanding, acceptance and application of His truth – and when that happened in my life, there was beauty and peace and hope.

Love has never felt better.

There is indeed beauty in brokenness.

I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.  Psalm 119.94

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