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Becoming More

I remember the first time I was on a plane with our children and I heard the instructions for parents to put their own oxygen masks on first before putting their children’s on them. Initially, it sounded so selfish . . . but of course, it makes good sense now.

I’ve learned that taking care of my relationship with Jesus is still the most important care I can give anyone.  I need to tend to my own heart first. I haven’t always done this – and I paid for it royally with deep fatigue and discouragement. I’ve left myself behind and learned very painfully how foolish that can be.

I can not give what I do not have.

My pastor recently asked those with whom she ministers, “What do you need to do, and what do you need to stop doing, in order to remain healthy in the sacred journey of your heart?

Something to pray about, for sure.

Lately, I’ve realized that with each passing day, I am becoming more.

More what?

More loving?

More judgmental?

More impatient?

More understanding?

More isolated?

More giving?

More in love with Jesus?

More content?

More of my true self?

Are you becoming more? More what? Something more to think about.


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