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Being Kind – Being Cool

A teenage boy wandered into the store yesterday afternoon, looking for an iPod charger.

We didn’t have the one he was looking for, but I showed him a portable charger that really comes in handy when your device dies. He was interested, but it was too expensive for him.  As he was telling me that he couldn’t afford to buy it, an older couple overheard him, walked up to the counter and quietly said, “Just put it on our bill.” 

I assumed that these older people were his parents and I smiled.

“Nice parents.”

He looked at me and answered, “I’ve never seen those people in my life.This is way cool.”

I just couldn’t leave it at that. “Sure is. Make sure you go and do something nice for someone else today, OK? You know . . . pass it forward, right?”

The young man just stared at me for a second and walked out of the store, without saying a word to the older couple, who were still looking at greetings cards in a different aisle.

Eventually, the cheerful couple came to the counter to pay for a couple of cards.

The man quickly said to me, “Don’t forget to add that charger on our bill, ma’am.”

I responded with, “I will. That was really generous of you . . . but I couldn’t help but notice that the young man didn’t even say, ‘Thank you’ to you.”

“Oh, we didn’t do it to be noticed or thanked. We just try to do something nice for someone every day. That’s all. We actually have fun together, looking for opportunities to be kind.”

Way cool . . . for sure.

We can’t help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.

 everybody understands kindness

As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.                                  2 Thessalonians 3.13


  1. Kathy

    An example of caring for others without thought of a return. We should all do this when we can. Thank you Diane.
    I love you practical examples of life lessons! You’re a great teacher!

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks so much, Kathy! Your kind words are always appreciated!

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