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(B)Elated Birthday Girl

Hi! It’s Phoenix.

Today, we celebrate Nana’s birthday (the Elated Birthday Girl). It’s belated, but she’s elated.

Nana & Papak & Coco & Drew came to my place for a nice birthday dinner. It’s a rainy day so no road hockey for us. On the bright side, we get to play video games like Donkey Kong & Super Smash Bros.

Nana’s gone out with Mom & Coco to do a bit of grocery shopping and Rod & Drew are looking for a faucet. So that leaves Papak & I to rule the house. What should we do? So far we’ve tried to trick each other with “Guess what?” (What? That’s what?) but we’re both pretty good at avoiding that trap.

It’s nice to celebrate Nana’s birthday. It’s nice to celebrate Nana’s birthday because Nana brings me presents too! And this year I got a root beer. who knows what I’ll get next year. . .


I love my Nana because she is so nice and kind to me and everyone else she meets.

Mom made two really good lasagnas.

I made Nana a birthday card.

Phoenie's birthday card for nana

No candles on the birthday cake 🙂 But it was delicious!

birthday cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANA! So glad you’re turning 40!  🙂

Phoenix Slobodian


  1. This is so beautiful!! What a thoughtful grandson you have, Di! Happy (B)Elated Birthday xo

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks so much, Stephanie. He’s definitely a keeper! 🙂

  2. Kathy

    A very nice birthday greeting for your Nana!
    She definitely is “out of this world!”
    Your Nana is a very kind and giving person!!

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