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Biblical Conflict Resolution

What an amazing quote I stumbled on this morning. I needed every word of it.

Figuring out where the trail of love begins and the reach of sin ends can be quite confusing. 

Rather than having us sit comfortably on pat answers, Ignatius challenges us to seek a healthy confusion. Yep, seek confusion, not clarity. That sounds crazy. In a world that regularly pits one side against the other, Ignatius says to sit in the tension. If the answer comes too easily, it is likely suspect, and we may want to look again. Why? Because until we sit in the healthy confusion of grappling with our part of a sinful situation, we haven’t made the answer our own, rooting ourselves in it. Until we sit in healthy confusion, we haven’t honestly admitted our motivations or what inhibits acting in response. Until the experience of healthy confusion, we haven’t found where God is calling us.

I beg in my prayer, “Why did I do that?, Where is that coming from?” or “What am I going to do about that?  I need God to show me. I am confused about how to live in a sinful world without participating in the sin itself. But it is easier to admit my confusion before God than it is to fake clarity we both know I don’t have.

My open and vulnerable grappling before Jesus allows Him time and space to shine HIS flood light on a situation, rather than my self-protective flashlight focused on the other person involved. I can not be fully objective because I’m involved.

There is no reconciliation or inner peace when people deny, suppress or ignore relational stress in their lives. The Bible provides a way through, not around conflict. Biblical conflict resolution takes work, prayer and Holy Spirit guidance. It can be exhausting and heart-wrenching but there is love throughout and after the process. There is freedom on the other side and there are lessons learned to be remembered and acted up the next time conflict comes knocking. It’s not “if” – it’s “when” and because God is in all things, conflict is also an opportunity to honour God.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3.17


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