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Birthday Bike and Bell

“Meet me in Aurora at 2:00 tomorrow. Don’t ask any questions.”

Of course, the first thing I did was ask more questions but Chris quickly shut me down.

I drove to Aurora, met Chris in a parking lot, jumped into his car and off we went to . . . I had no idea.

We ended up in a bike store.

I know how much you’ve missed your road bike. I looked at our budget, the bikes are on sale and it’s time to get you a bike. Happy Birthday!

I was so surprised.  Three days and two rides later, I’m still excited.

We spent four hours in the bike store and well . . . the featured image shows the new addition to the Lindstrom family.

I even got a custom-assembled and aesthetically-matching coloured bell for my road bike! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that!


So, as shallow as it might sound, this Thanksgiving Monday, I am VERY thankful for my new bike.

More to the point, I am just so thankful for my thoughtful, creative and loving husband.

A few years ago, Chris and I went to look at bikes and I spontaneously exchanged my beautiful road bike for a hybrid bike so I could do more riding with Chris.

I’ve regretted that decision ever since – not the riding with Chris – the “not-so-well-thought-through” sale of my road bike.

Chris knew how much I missed the feel of a road bike and quietly planned this amazing surprise for my 60th birthday.(yes, my birthday continues to linger…) I knew a new road bike just wasn’t in the budget so that was that about that and I’ve just enjoyed my hybrid for the past few years.

But now, thanks to my wonderful husband, I can go super fast on my new bike AND ring my super awesome bell on my travels.

What I greatly appreciate about my husband is his sensitivity to who I am, what makes me “tick” and how I best receive love. He lets me be me and accepts me as I am. What a beautiful gift.

Thank you, Jesus for Chris. May I respond to him in a way that he feels understood, accepted and deeply loved, just as I do.


  1. Wendy

    Love the new wheels. Alas, my bike sits in my garage, seldom used this summer. Hoping this entry has inspired me, because it is something I truly love to do.

    • Diane (Author)

      There’s something about cycling that I so deeply enjoy. I started to cycle during my very dark days as I way to take a deep breath, get outside of the sadness and feel hope. I haven’t stopped pedalling since!

  2. Vicky

    …and you didn’t even have to eat chocolate with a dog tooth in it!

    • Diane (Author)

      Exactly! Strangers to that story are definitely going to wonder about your comment but be secure in who you are, Vicky! Tee,hee. I knew EXACTLY where you were coming from! Love ya!

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