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Birthday Surprises

Nana went to Wonderland with her friend a few weeks ago so it was Papak’s and my turn. After all, it was  for my birthday! The REALLY cool thing was that Papak and Nana bought us Fast Lane Plus tickets so we just flew by the long lines and we got to choose our seats.  I like sitting in the front seats on the rollercoasters! We met some friends of Papak’s so it was fun to go on the rides with Jacob but he’s not tall enough to go on the really big rides yet. Maybe next year for him!


“Let’s warm up with something else first before we go on the Leviathan, Papak.” 

So, we decided to go on Nightmares, which was a softer, not-so-high-but-still-fun ride. I think we went on about 20 rides and Papak was getting queasy at one point so we took a little break. My favourite ride was Behemoth because it’s like the Leviathan but longer. Nana told me that she liked Behemoth better too.  The worst part of these high roller coasters is the way up – I really don’t like climbing the high hills. I don’t know what I don’t like about it but I think it’s the same thing that Nana doesn’t like. Maybe it’s the anticipation or something. The first time I went on the Leviathan (early this summer) I cried on the way up but I was fine on the way down!

First time on Skyhawk. THIS was scary. I didn’t do too much rolling,


Papak said that the scariest ride for him was Windseeker. Me too. It was really windy and way too high.

Papak laughed when the following conversation happened as we were climbing up the hill on Flight Deck.

Papak: I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

Phoenix: Shut up, Papak.

(I’ve never told Papak to “shut up” but I was really scared and I said it jokingly.)

I missed Nana because I knew she would put her hands up on the ride but Papak and I had a really fun time together. We shared a foot long hotdog and some fries. The good news is that we didn’t throw up our food when we continued the rides.

After Wonderland, I was really surprised when Papak drove me to a trampoline arena. A friend of mine from Beaverton was celebrating his 13th birthday and he invited his entire class AND me to the party! I was jumping all over the place but when we had dinner and dessert….well….this happened to me.


One of Kelvin’s friends shoved my face in the cake.

Kelvin also got pudding in his eye.

When I got home to Papak and Nana’s house, Nana thought I would be so tired that I would crawl into bed but no!  I wanted to watch the Mission Impossible movie so the three of us stayed up to 11:30. I have to admit, I did sleep in this morning.

Today is my actual birthday! No school for me! Spending the day with Nana and unfortunately, I have to do some homework!

That’s all, folks!

Phoenix Slobodian


  1. Kathy taylor

    A very happy birthday to you Phoenix! I always enjoy reading your blogs that your Nana lets you add!
    Sounds like a fabulous time at Wonderland! And then the trampoline place too!
    What great grandparents you have!

    • Diane (Author)

      Wonderland was so fun. Papak had a lot of fun too but he felt sick after a few rides.

  2. jessie burgess

    Happy Birthday Phonie….sounds as though you had a great time at WonderLand and the trampoline adventure. I am very impressed with how articulate you are in writing all about your day. Perhaps you have a journalism career in your future. Your grandparents are awesome! xo ‘Mrs. B,’

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks a lot. I like blogging with Nana.

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