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Blessed Beyond

When I saw the above quote on FB, I was immediately reminded of a friend who so beautifully lives out this reality in her daily life. Jasmine (not her real name)  is a woman who pays attention to, feels deeply beside and stays in the moment with others, no matter what it costs her emotionally. She is not afraid to linger in heavy grief or crazy joy. She is emotionally rich. Her heart and her world are bigger.

What does it feel to be the receiver of this empathy and love? I know exactly how it feels.

Listened to completely.





Free to be who I am.

As if no one else’s feelings and words matter more.

Life around me comes to a halt and for that moment, the beautiful, God-given core longing of being understood has been met.

It feels good. Really good. I can trust, lament and process. I don’t get stuck.

When you have a Jasmine in your life, you are “paid attention to”, your feelings truly matter and you are blessed beyond measure.

In this messy world, that’s HUGE.

You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.  M.Scott Peck




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