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Blog 1 by Phoenix Slobodian – Christmas 2016

There are always two sides to the story.

Well, maybe not.

Here’s my Christmas card for Nana and Papak.  I think I had just gotten into trouble when I wrote this card.


Phonecall that my mom made to my Nana on the morning of December 24th: “You’re not going to believe this. Mom, I’m so angry, I’m going to explode. I made so many shortbread a couple of weeks ago and froze them so they would be ready for Christmas.  I went down to get them this morning and realized that Phoenie ate most of them . . . like six dozen cookies. I’m so angry, I could scream.”

Nana: Where’s Phoenie now?

My mom: I sent him upstairs to his bedroom. 

Nana: Calm down, Dawne. So, this is what I would suggest. Tell Phoenie that you’re going to come back to this incident and deal with it but not today. We’re not going to spoil Christmas over this. So, you can come out of your room but know that we’re going to deal with this on the 27th.

So, Christmas continued. I let it go and I have to admit, I’ve laughed a bit about this but there WILL be another discussion.


I was completely innocent . . . until mom found out.

It all started when mom asked me to bring all her freshly baked shortbread to the downstairs freezer. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s her fault. What would have happened if mom hadn’t asked me to do this???

Anyways, being an obedient son, I put two huge bags of shortbread into the freezer and I was only going to take one but the cookie was so good that I had to eat more. So, I did. Over the next couple of weeks, I snacked on one or two/day while I was watching Fresh Prince after school. It didn’t seem like much damage at the time but I realize now that those numbers add up with each day passing.

A while after, I had actually forgotten about the cookies. But on the morning of the 24th, mom came upstairs screaming while I was on the computer. In her hand was THE EVIDENCE.

“Phoenix, did you eat all these cookies?”

What could I say? The evidence was there. In a small and guilty voice, I said, “Yes.”

Mom was SO mad that she sent me to my bedroom.

I was thinking to myself, “I should have gotten rid of the evidence.” But I also felt really bad. Apparently, my mom and my Nana have an ongoing competition about who makes the better shortbread. How could mom win this year if there were no cookies to eat? I also realize now that I made a really bad decision by eating all the cookies. Funny though… no stomach ache or anything.

My mom told me that she’s only been THIS mad at me three times in her life and THIS was one of one of those times!

BUT . . . like I said, this is all my mom’s fault. If she had put the cookies in the freezer herself, I wouldn’t have known about them and how life would have changed.

On a brighter note, I did manage to decorate this shortbread for Nana.

Happy New Year to everyone! See you tomorrow because I’m going to post again!

Phoenix Slobodian



  1. Anne Loewen

    Reminds me of when we’d send our son to bring the ice cream back to the freezer. Unbeknownst to us, he always brought a spoon with him!

    • Diane (Author)

      Of course! Wouldn’t you? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Great story! I’m sure it’s one you’ll tell your kids one day!

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