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Blog 2 by Phoenix Slobodian – Christmas 2016

Now that confessions are complete, I can continue with a more upbeat Christmas blog.

I got lots of cool stuff for Christmas but the best present of all was a Hoverboard.

I think the first time I heard about these things was when my mom told me about them a while ago but they are pretty expensive. So, I started saving – months ago. I saved up money from my birthday and I did extra chores and I took a little from my savings account.

Santa paid the difference, I guess. 🙂

I was really excited to get my Hoverboard and Ive been practicing in the basement, every chance I get. I want to be ready for the good weather.

I also had fun making cards for people and buying gifts. Christmas morning is always so great when everyone gets to watch everyone else open their presents too. We went to church on Christmas Eve. and it was a candlelight service. That was a good chance to be quiet and think about the true meaning of Christmas.

We had two turkeys over two days and lots of chocolate . . . and of course, shortbread. 🙂

Phoenix Slobodian

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