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“No, Nana… I want to vlog, not flog.  I don’t want to beat people with a whip.”

I started watching vlogs about five months ago because my friend told me about “theodd1sout.” This is a guy who talks about his life so he vlogs, but he also draws his videos, which I think is really cool. So, I started watching this vlog and got into it so I watched every one of his videos. Since I watched all of his, I tried to find a new Youtuber to watch and I found, “The Amazing Phil.”

I like funny vlogs. Amazing Phil and “theodd1sout” can tell jokes so easily and I like humour.

I’ve been Nana’s guest blogger for about three years and I really like working with her but vlogging is more for my age. Nana told me that usually blogs have themes so I’ve been thinking what my vlog theme would be.



I’m hangin’ out with Papak this weekend (I get Friday off of school!) so I probably should talk to him about what he thinks about me starting a funny vlog.  I like Papak’s sense of humour and I would like to talk about my life and make people laugh.

That’s all, folks!

Phoenix Slobodian





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  1. Vicky

    Looking forward to watching your vlog, Phoenie!

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