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Diane: Well, it’s great to have my grandson, Phoenix with me today. He is starting into his second week of Grade 8 and I’m so glad he’s taken some time out of his very busy schedule (slurping a Frappuccino¬†and sucking up grapes) to grace us with his presence.

Phoenix: Great to be here, Nana. I see we’re meeting downstairs because you just broke a baking dish in the kitchen. Nice one, Nana!

Diane: Yes, Phoenix. Thank you for bringing that up. Now, tell me about this interesting creation that I’ve featured on my blog today.

Phoenix: That is my masterpiece I created on a field trip to a museum in Burlington early this year. I called this guy, “Gollum” because I was going through a Hobbit phase at that time.

Diane: Very interesting features, Phoenix. There’s a hidden artist deep within you, I see.

Phoenix: Actually, I do like drawing. I have an awesome book of my drawings and I like making cartoons as well.

Diane: I think you got the creative genes from your mom.

Phoenix: Now I could tell a funny story about her childhood!

Diane: Perhaps we should stay on target with this conversation.

Phoenix: OK.

Diane: Tell me about your most recent accomplishment.

Phoenix: I became Vice President of my school.

Diane: That’s fantastic, Phoenie…I mean Mr. Vice President. And what responsibilities will you be tending to this coming school year?

Phoenix: Well, I attended my first council meeting at recess today but my friend (who is the incoming Activities Coordinator) and I were the only ones to show up! Everyone else went out for recess, including the President!

Diane: Hm…that doesn’t sound very official or efficient. Tell me how you will be leading the school this year. What exactly are your responsibilities?

Phoenix: People come the Student Council with requests and we decide if and when to do them. My friend recently requested a Rubiks Cube club. I’m not sure very many people would be willing to give up their ¬†recess to go to this club but I will take the suggestion to council.

Diane: Do you have any official uniform?

Phoenix: I wear a tux to school every day, Nana.

Diane: Impressive. But not true, right?

Phoenix: Nana…..

Diane: We talked and prayed about this position last night, right? Do you remember what I said about leadership?

Phoenix: The best leaders serve others.

Diane: Yup. So how are you going to do that?

Phoenix: I have to listen well, not make fun of requests and be faithful to bring peoples’ ideas to council.

Diane: Sounds good to me. And are you looking forward to your Grade 8 year?

Phoenix: I’m glad to be on the Student Council, I’m going to try out for the softball, badminton and maybe the volleyball team too. I want to be able to solve a 2X2 Rubiks Cube with my eyes closed by the end of the year. I also want to do well in all my subjects but I have to admit, French is not my strong suit.

Diane: Well, it’s been good to interview you, Mr. VP. Do I need to bow to you on my way out?

Phoenix: I would prefer money.

Diane: You have my respect, grandson but you don’t get my money.

Phoenix: Rats.


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  1. Anne Loewen

    This is when you need to mention to Phoenie that when meetings are sparsely attended, that is the time to delegate tasks to those who are absent. I mean, they need a chance to serve as well, right?

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