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Lola and Boo

Chris and I are proud to announce the arrival of two new extended family members…

Our new son-in-law surprised my daughter and grandson with a little handful of puppy and our daughter Danae…well, it just seemed like fluffy Boo showed up in her life one day and has been scratching her ever since!



When our family first moved to Slovakia in 1996, my husband and I surprised our children with a little worm- infested puppy that we smuggled over the border from Croatia.  We named him Medved (means “Honey Bear” in Slovak) Behac ( the name of the little town that we found him in) …and then shortened his name to  “Medo“. I will never forget our three childrens’ elation, when I pulled this tiny ball of brown and honey- colored fur from inside my coat pocket!

Besides eating our linoleum kitchen floor twice and having to be chased around the neighbourhood numerous times,enticed with chunks of kolbasa so that he would cooperate, Medo was a wonderful little puppy.  We brought him back to Canada in 1998 and despite the fact that he constantly shed his fur in pillowcase filling quantities, he was the best dog a family could have.  It was one of the saddest days of our lives when we had to have Medo put down but he is most likely the reason why our kids love animals so much and have embraced puppy Lola and kitten Boo.

The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

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