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I was sitting in my bedroom looking for a book to read and I saw Nana’s book on my shelf. I decided it was time for me to read it, especially since she wrote a very special autograph in the book for me.

I never read this book yet but I kept it because it had my name in it. I like that I was mentioned in the book a few times. Even my picture is in the book!

I learned a lot about Nana. Like I learned that Nana’s mother wasn’t very encouraging with Nana’s gymnastics and I also learned that Nana was dyslexic when she was my age. I also learned that Nana can’t steer a canoe very well!  I phoned Nana one night last week and we were talking about her book. She suggested that I write a review because authors like reviews of their book so I agreed.

Here’s my review.

I would give Nana’s book a 4/5. I’m not exactly the typical audience who would read this book. I’m reading it because Nana is my Nana but I am really glad that I read it, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write a good review! I’m not an older or young woman but I’ve actually been to an OVERFLOW! meeting and I really liked all the people in the group. They were all nice and they always looked like they were having a fun time together.

The good part of this book is that it’s chronological and the author doesn’t jump around all the time. I could follow and understand the book very easily. Nana wrote the book at the same time she was in the group! I liked the stories, especially the ones about me!  Nana can be funny and I think funny things happen to her a lot. I can see that it’s important that women of all ages get together and learn together. I also liked the cover of the book too.

Nana asked me how I thought the book could be improved. Hm…. can’t think of how to make it better. I’m really proud that my Nana wrote a book but I don’t go bragging about it.

I would recommend the book to older and younger women of ages 14 – 62. I don’t think it’s for 11-year-old boys but I’m glad I read it.

By the way, Kelvin and I found a turtle on the weekend.

Phoenix Slobodian



  1. Diane, Phoenix’s review is adorable. I also enjoyed your wonderful sense of humor and the funny things that happened to you throughout the book. I admired how you applied the same grace to your mother that the Lord gave to you. You’re a winning woman of the Word. And your book is a winner too.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Wendy for your kind words. I agree – I so enjoy Phoenie’s sense of humour and the way he looks at life. We are so thankful for him in our lives. I really enjoyed writing Sisters in the Son and I appreciate your support and love.

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