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BOOK REVIEW – Inner Compass

This past weekend, our Chai and Chat group met and discussed the book, Inner Compass by Margaret Silf.  Without question, this is not a book that you sit down and “eat” all at once. This is a book to snack on – but what delicious snacking.

The author writes, “This kind of journey is not for pillars of the church. It is for people on the way.

I like that. I’m an ordinary woman. Loved by God. On a spiritual journey. I’m on the way. And I desire to draw closer to God with each passing day He ordains for me.

Silk offers so many juicy nuggets of food to digest over time. No need to hurry with the content. Just soak in it. Some parts will pass and some parts will stay with you in a profound way.

This book is Margaret Silf’s journey of exploration and self understanding, using practical and delightful right-brain landmarks that St.Ignatius of Loyola offered 400 years ago. Silf helps us find the will of God within our own hearts, a will that is never directed to only our individual benefit, but always to the well-being of others.

I particularly appreciate these three hope-filled truths about community that Silf lays out:

  1. Each person’s experience is wholly and unquestionably valid and is offered as a gift of trust to the others. When we offer our stories, we are entering holy ground, where there is no place for comment, criticism or correction, but only for a response of loving acceptance.
  2. On this holy ground, God-in-you is listening to God-in-the-other.
  3. We are meant to discover our own unique path to the fullness of life and then share us with others.

Inner Compass has become a friend to me. I spend time in it on a regular basis because practicing the creative suggestions at the end of each chapter move me closer to God . . .

. . . and like I wrote earlier, that’s where I’m heading.

Everyone in our group agreed that the content in this book is a place to bask, bookmark and believe God for the grace to live these truths out in our daily lives.










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