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It was five years ago when we drove our son to the University of Western Ontario.  I remember the day well – our car was filled to the brim, similar to many cars and U-Hauls on the highway that morning.  Drew had decided to take a four year course in Media, Information and Technoculture, a title which, to this day, I don’t understand.  At Parent’s Information Day, the course had been formally described to us as “Post-modern Journalism” but I’m pretty sure that Drew didn’t take a single journalism course in his university experience. Anyways, that’s beside the point.

Drew was apprehensive but excited about this next stage of life and we celebrated by taking him to The Keg restaurant for a special steak dinner, before he headed into four years of school. Five years later, ( Drew decided to take a victory lap to improve his marks and his law school chances) as we walked up the stairs in the same Keg restaurant, to celebrate his graduation, it occured to Chris, Drew and I that we “bookend-ed” his university years with a good steak at the Keg.

Drew loved his university years and this morning, amidst all the pomp and pageantry, he graduated with a head full of knowledge, a great sense of pride, and big plans for the future.  He is a clearer thinker and a stronger communicator as a result of his university years. He is confident, opinionated and curious. He loves to learn.

Looks like he is heading to England for Law School this September and we are very proud of him.




As we were driving home this afternoon, it occurred to me that nothing has changed with graduations and nothing has changed with graduates.  I remember the day I graduated from McMaster University.  It’s always been about the attainment of knowledge and passing the baton to this generation as they strive to make a difference in this world… and that’s all good.

But scripture warns us about being “puffed up with knowledge.”  My prayer for Drew is that he continue to grow in his relationship with Christ, ” in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”  Colossians 2: 3

This abundant life that Christ offers us is far richer than what is attained by the pursuit of knowledge, wealth and reputation. I pray that my son will not be lured by the mere attainment of knowledge, but that he will desire wisdom in his innermost being. I pray that he will find balance and love and deep joy in his life journey.

I love you, Drew. Congratulations on this very special day.


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  1. Barb

    Congratulations Drew and Diane. I totally agree with your mother. I have had 3 graduates, no 4 counting my husband, and hd exactly the ame thoughts as Mom. Caught between the deep pride of my child or husband as hey received a diploma representing the many years of hard work, and concerned that all this knowledge may cause harm to their faith.
    God, in His usual faithful fashion, has answered ALL my prayers and kept His protective care over each and every ohne of my kids and their spouses. I am one very happy, very thankful Mom. Not that it was a result directly to my prayers, but a te33stimony to the faithfulness of God.
    “What does it manner if a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”
    My faith today continues to be strengthened as I realize in a new fresh way the greatness of our God.
    Thanks Diane for sharing this wonderful event.
    Love Barb

  2. Barb

    Sorry Diane. This Ipad has a mind of its own and “sent” went into action before I could correct the many mistakes. You get the message though. B

  3. kathy

    Congratulations, Drew!
    What a handsome man you have become-boy to man. Where did the time go.
    I remember picking you up, Drew, with your Mom in my Toyota after your first year. I still smile when I think of you folded into the back seat with your knees to your chinn with all the stuff from first year!

  4. leigh

    Sooo thrilled for you! maybe he can look up our Olivia when he goes to England. she is living outside of Birmingham, going to school and youth ministering at a church there! xoxo

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