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Building Faith

I saw this picture recently and something in my spirit connected with the truth.

sometimes the best transportation is a leap of faith

I remember the first time I stood on the edge of a 10-meter diving tower. This picture says it all. I was petrified. It was a L-O-N-G way down.

It took me a few minutes to gather up the nerve, but I jumped.

It wasn’t pretty, but I jumped.

Later that day as I thought about this great feat, I wondered, “How do athletes jump off this platform and perform such amazing tricks?” but being a gymnast, I understood the process that leads up to the “big trick.”

Practice. Tear the sequence apart, start small and conquer one step at a time.

However, there’s always that first step of faith.

Life has taught me that my faith needs to be greater than my fear.  I have practised taking steps of faith and it’s not so daunting anymore because faith is not believing that God can — it’s knowing that He will.

Oh, how I KNOW that God will come through. Don’t get me wrong — sometimes, I have let go of control with fear and trepidation. Other times, control was stripped away and I had no choice but to trust God. But one thing I can confidently declare is this: the more times I step out in faith, the easier it becomes.

God has always come through for me — often in ways that I could never have imagined.

My spirit is settled on the truth that God is good . . .

. . . and I will continue to take the plunge.

He will be our peace. Micah 5.5

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