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Bumpin’ Up And Down In My Big,Yellow Bus

Bus Driver

Yup! That’s me driving the monster bus! I’m looking happy and in control but let me tell you… this is challenging!

I remember two distinct moments during my four hour training session this morning.  One moment occurred when I was driving this bus down a gravel road in Cannington and I had this fleeting thought – “What in the world am I doing?”  The second  moment happened when I was watching videos on various railroad crossing and intersection accidents and I thought to myself, ” I have no idea how God is going to use this experience.”

I can honestly say that it never crossed my mind that one day, I would be sitting in the driver’s seat of a school bus and learning about leaf springs, tie-rods, brake fluid leaks and “U” clamps for the drive shaft. Yet, here I am and for now, I’m in the right place.

I don’t need to worry and I don’t need to have a perfect answer when someone asks me why I’m learning to drive a school bus. I honestly don’t know how all this is going to unfold.  I don’t know where school bus driving fits in. I just believe that God doesn’t waste experiences. As I began to pray about and explore different employment possibilities for September that would allow “chunks” of time in the day to continue my writing, this opportunity presented itself so I pursued it. It’s that simple. I’m just trying to watch where God is going and I am committed to joining in with His plans, rather than pushing my own.

The older I get, the more I enjoy the journey of faith.

Unexplored territory.

Sensitivity to His Spirit’s leading.

Experiencing humility and uncertainty.

Not having all the answers.


Believing God for direction and finding my security in Him.

…and at this particular moment, learning to drive a school bus.

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  1. Anne

    It may not be the school bus driving, but the dozens of opportunities every day to have a personal interaction with some young person who simply needs some affirmation that they are cared about. Who knows but that you may be that person who every day brightens up some discouraged young child and shows them that there are caring people in the world, if not at home. We all have our favorite teacher – I’m sure many have a favorite bus driver who impacted their life.

  2. Emily

    Way to go Diane! You drive that monster bus! Whereabouts are you driving to/from?

    • Hi Emily….I will be driving in the Durham region….not too far from home! Diane

  3. Kathy

    Wow!!! What a leap of faith!!!
    Diane, I think you can do ANYTHING!
    Signer fior the deaf
    Bus driver

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